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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Emerging artist PRICIE has announced she has signed with Aussie label Sweat It Out, marking the occasion with the release of her debut single, Too Dang Good. Bringing her distinctive powerful, soulful and husky vocals to the track, the singer captivates listeners with her compelling delivery, tongue in cheek lyrics, silky hooks, and all topped off with a playful attitude that encompasses her unique style.

The powerful anthem is a message from the musician to women, wanting them to know their worth and that no matter the pain or anguish a relationship may bring, she wants them to know they’re too dang good to deal with it. Speaking of the track, the musician shares: “‘too dang good’ was a last-minute studio magic moment - we honestly didn’t expect to make anything, but myself and Lucian literally just vibed each other and decided to jam. As he made a beat I began to freestyle on it and ‘too dang good’ was born.”

The release is accompanied by a stunning visual, directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, who created the incredible documentary detailing women’s experiences in the Australian music industry Her Sound, Her Story. The visual is a divine combination of bold static shots with block colours and power suits, a combination of popping, hip hop and freestyle dance, with both costume and location juxtaposed with one another throughout.

“My focus for this clip is centered around introducing PRICIE to the world. Showing off her fun, sassy and playful side while also celebrating her love of monotone fashion, styling and simplicity. The song made me want to get up and move as soon as I heard it. I brought in local Melbourne dancers Karla Mathieson and Angela Baklis to embody the innate groove you feel as soon as the beat drops. The vacant landscapes, the symmetrical compositions, the poised shapes of the bodies, they are all intentional to frame and keep the viewers gaze centered on PRICIE.” Sangiorgi Dalimore says of the visual.

Too Dang Good is out now! Watch the music video below.


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