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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Peter Hansen.

Sweden’s leading dance-pop duo, Jubël have just dropped their simmering new track, No More Tears. If you're loving the track and hanging to watch the visual, you can watch the music video right here on MILKY!

Created with longtime collaborator Sebastian Sandbland, we meet the duo at their place of work, crammed into an office and facing the frustration of working a 9-to-5. That is until vocalist Sebastian Atas, wheeling his chair out the door and spinning down the street towards freedom. He takes us on a scenic tour of Sweden, with the office chair serving as a symbolic vessel that drives you towards freedom and a sense of contentment. The carefree release is all about leaving behind toxic situations, putting on your dancing shoes and living your best life. The track is built upon feel-good production, heralded by engaging guitar work and a catchy whistling melody that will be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

"Our initial idea with the narrative was that we wanted to mirror the text in the song - that you want to break free from something/someone, a bad influence, habit or relationship. We called our good friend and collaborator Sebastian Sandbland, who we've worked with in the past (Weekend Vibes). He came back with a basic idea that we loved, and then developed it further with him. Depicting this in a fun and slightly quirky way."

"The idea of the chair really felt spot on. You are taken on a journey with characters inspired by [a] 90’s office worker. In the end you reach the goal and you are free! It was a cold December day in Sweden when we were shooting the video, so Sebastian who is sitting on the chair was veeeery cold. He had three layers of clothing under his 90's suit, and had to jump in a warm car in between the shooting. The only safety for Sebastian when he was sitting on the office chair was a thin belt that was stuck in between the car vs. chair. We had to work very fast and effectively as the sun goes down around 1PM during wintertime in Sweden. With the final result, it was so worth to get a bit cold, and as icing on the cake - we had a super fun day!"

Based in Stockholm, Jubël is the musical project of vocalist and producer Sebastian Atas, and songwriter and instrumentalist Victor Sjöström. Having both cut their teeth in Sweden’s dance scene, the pair soon came together to focus on their mutual appreciation for dance and pop music. The duo made their debut in 2017 with Illusion, which was followed up by their Platinum certified remix of Sherman Kelly's Dancing in the Moonlight. The release marked the duos first entry on the ARIA Charts, and peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart. Since then, Jubël have released two EP's, 2020's Strawtown EP and 2021's 6115 Orange St, as well as a string of singles that capture the duos knack for utilising pop-structures driven by dance sonics.

Watch the visual below!


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