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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the music video now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based indie-pop duo Trace Decay released their blissful debut EP Monstrous Subconscious last week, featuring their latest single Arcade Games. To celebrate the release, the duo have recorded a live rendition of the track, premiering exclusively on MILKY.

The neon tinged visual sonically strips the song back, focusing on frontman Jordan De Pas’ vocals and Edvard Hakansson’s masterful synth skills. Enlisting the help of Melbourne musician Quiet Blue, the performance video is a taste of what fans can expect when Trace Decay hit the road.

Speaking of the visual, the duo share: ”Seeing as playing real life shows are on hold right now, Jeri and I decided to set up in my living room and create a little live vibe for the focus track Arcade Games of our debut EP Monstrous Subconscious. Its a stripped back/ electronic version which really encapsulates our versatile side of live performance, with an emphasis on deep emotive synths and vocals. We recorded it over one night with the help of our pal Nic Georgiou aka Quiet Blue. We can't wait to be able to get back out and play our new tracks to everyone soon, but in the mean time we hope you enjoy this live version of 'Arcade Games'.”

Trace Decay’s debut EP Monstrous Subconscious is an exploration of ethereal indie-pop, deftly arranged with compelling instrumentation, as the bass and rhythm sections playfully interact to create a vibrant, yet somewhat bittersweet listen. Each track is conceptually crafted to present its own story and sonic landscape, all weaved together to form the wider narrative of the release. Monstrous Subconscious is an insight into De Pas’ own personal journey, with a focus on mental and emotional health.

Monstrous Subconscious is out now! Watch Arcade Games Live (Night Version) below.


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