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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Rhea Caldwell

Melbourne-based trio Plovers recently dropped their new single, Greed. If you’re loving the track hanging to see the visual, watch the songs music video right here on MILKY before its release!

Throughout the visual, we follow the band as each member attempts to host their own broadcast, inspired by low-budget anti-comedy and public access television channels. Replicating retro infomercials and educational programs, the Aidan McDonald directed visual brings a frenzied approach, over loading each segment to keep the viewer on their toes.

"During a roadside cleanup last year my old neighbours were throwing out an old exercise bike, and for some reason as soon as I saw it sitting on the curb this clip came roaring back into my head and I knew we had a solid idea for a music video on our hands. (Then the exercise bike sat untouched in my garage for the next 6 months, but whatever.) The video is heavily inspired by lots of low-budget anti-comedy (like Tim and Eric, the Eric Andre Show, or pretty much anything on Adult Swim), Bob Ross, and bizarre American public access television channels from the 90s" shares band member" Jared Chapell.

He continues, "We teamed up with Aidan McDonald to shoot the video, who's probably best known for being the drummer and backing vocalist for Melbourne punk act Private Function - he's directed most of their videos. We drafted an original video treatment within the band which we then took to Aidan to workshop. Most of the visuals in Margy and I's sections were already pretty well-formed by the time we started talking with him, but Dan's alter-ego as an infomercial king absolutely blossomed while bouncing ideas off him, most notably including the birth of Tiny Dan, which is 100% my favorite part of the clip "

Watch the visual below!


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