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Watch the music video now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Australian musician Jackson Carroll has just dropped his new single, One Missed Call. If you’re loving the track like we are, feast your eyes on the songs music video right here on MILKY before its release!

The charming visual depicts the musician as an astronaut who finds himself in the middle of the desert. Suddenly, a phone booth appears, which transports Carroll to the streets of Sydney. Trust us, you'll have serious outfit envy when you lay your eyes on on Carroll's shimmering ensemble.

Written by Carroll and Caravãna Sun member Luke Carra, the song navigates themes of communication and contact, and the need to get in touch with the people around you in difficult times. Set to a shimmering soundscape, Carroll's distinctive vocals shine throughout the track, made complete with a killer bassline that will be stuck in your head for weeks to come.

Speaking of the track, Carroll shares: “Originally, it was much slower; 3/4 time, since that’s apparently all I know how to write in. But over time, working it with other people, it became something much brighter and, I think, optimistic, which the message absolutely is”. Jackson attributes the success of the song’s message to the skill of, and relationship with, his collaborators: “Working with Luke [Caruana] and Ian [Pritchett] is always so helpful, there’s a real bond there and a real shared love of music and I think we all click in a lot of ways. The song also features Little Green on guest vocals which I think brings a real sense of community and drives the message of the song home”.

Having been writing songs since 2018, Carroll made his debut in 2019 with Holy Hell, followed by the release of his first EP Name It After Me. Having played shows across the country, the musician has supported the likes of The Beautiful Girls, Fripps and Fripps and performed at the Make it Rain 2020 benefit concert for the bushfire relief.

Carroll will be launching One Missed Call at the Potts Point Hotel on Friday the 19th of February. Tickets are available now.

Watch the music video for One Missed Call below!


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