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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the song now, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Madeline Jane Royce.

Singer-songwriter Ruyi is gearing up to release his new single, My Own Thing. If you can’t wait to give it a spin, listen to the track right here on MILKY before its release!

As he enters a new stage of life, moving out of home and transitioning to adulthood, the track serves as a tender note to his mother, reassuring her that he will be ok as he ventures outside of the walls of his childhood home. Laced with recordings of his mother and friends throughout, the ambient release sonically captures the warmth and glow of familial love, with Ruyi's mesmerising vocals taking centre stage atop tender guitar melodies.

Speaking of the track, the musician shares with MILKY: "My Own Thing is an encapsulation of quite a tender and vulnerable moment of my life. I made the instrumental maybe 2 days after moving out of home and immediately started writing what was on my mind. I have this habit of letting words flow onto the page and figuring out what they mean later."

He continues, "Turns out I'd just written a letter to my mum about entering this new phase in life. Reassuring her I'd be okay and just hoping she would be too. I showed her the demo about a week after moving out and she cried, like a lot. As it stands, this song has already achieved everything I ever wanted it to achieve by giving my mum something special to say goodbye. I just hope that other people will resonate with it and feel these bittersweet moments with sincerity."

Listen to the track below!


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