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Listen to the EP below!

Image: Holly Ragland.

New York City-based singer-songwriter Matthew Scott Ragland is releasing his sophomore EP, Ghosts. You can listen to the release, premiering right here on MILKY!

Moving into darker sonic territory, the EP is built upon atmospheric production, introducing a more electronic palette from the musician. Dynamic and engaging soundscapes run unfurl beneath Ragland's entrancing vocals, bringing intimate and introspective lyricism to life.

“I still write from the exact same place. Now, what I’m doing is truly a solo project. At the end of the day, I’m just a songwriter who has decided to put on the producer’s hat. At least up to a point." the musician shares.

Ghosts just has a dark vibe that I like. It’s very synth heavy which I’m into right now. I have an original Juno106 (which basically just sounds like my childhood) that I used all over the EP, but in particular onGhosts. It just fits a sonic aesthetic that I’m really into right now,

Listen to to Ghosts below!

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