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Listen to the track, exclusively on MILKY!

Image: Supplied.

Naarm/Melbourne-based artist Jacob Fitzgerald is gearing up to release his new single, Hurt Me Harder. If you can't wait to give the track a spin, you can listen to the song right here on MILKY!

Co-produced by Fitzgerald alongside Alex Walker, the track continues the musicians distinct brand of indie-rock, bringing together mesmerising guitar melodies with driving percussion to create a nostalgia-fuelled sonic palette that lures you in and leads you towards a silky saxophone solo. Fitzgerald's captivating vocals glimmer atop, as he explores the juxtaposition of loving someone who causes you heartache.

"I find that the deepest forms of love can at times drive you a little crazy. For good or ill. These feelings are usually exacerbated in times of heartbreak and loss, also for good or ill. That's the throughline of 'Hurt Me Harder'. It's about neglecting your feelings of pain to the point of insanity. The whole chorus is a message of 'nothing you could do would ever hurt me… I'll always love you' whilst the heartache is dominating your world. It's about putting someone on a pedestal, blaming yourself, bottling the pain, and using love as the excuse." the musician shares.

To celebrate the release, Fitzgerald will be hitting the road with Cheap Date and False London. Kicking off at The Brightside in Meanjin/Brisbane on June 16, the tour will continue on to Eora/Sydney's The Lady Hampshire on June 23 before wrapping in Naarm/Melbourne at Stay Gold on June 24.

Listen to the track below!


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