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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The collaboration arrives just in time for the duos new album, Now We’re Cookin’

Image: Supplied.

Sydney duo Polish Club have teamed up Sydney’s iconic burger joint, Burger Head, and ohhhhh maaaannnn things are cookin'!

To celebrate the release of their third studio album Now We’re Cookin’, and to get your tastebuds through lockdown, Polish Club and Burger Heads are bringing good music and good burgers together, with a limited edition, make it at home burger box. Made complete with milk buns, BH smashed beef patties, American Hi Melt cheese, tomato sauce, American mustard, onion, and BH house made pickles, the burger box will also include a digital version of Polish Club’s new album.

Fans are encouraged to create the burger on release day and celebrate with the band and Burger Head during an Instagram Live. Speaking of the collaboration, frontman David Novak explains, “We made an album and somehow through that, Burger Head have let us make a burger! Or rather, they're prepping a burger inspired by the spirit of our hot new album Now We're Cookin' that YOU can make. What I mean by that is it's just a simple burger, similar to our album cover, except instead of us being the meat patties, it's completely non-human beef patties. And you can order it delivered to make at home.”

“When people think of fancy or gourmet burgers, they often think that means having to reinvent the wheel and do dumb, unnecessary stuff to the already perfect burger. Burger Head aren't that. They make simple burgers well. This is where I compare that to our band and sound like a total wanker, so I won't, but I also just did. We're very excited to finally, officially have a PolishClub burger, and we're even more excited to have it created and prepped by the heroes that have brought the perfect classic burgers to Western Sydney & my beloved former hood Botany.”

Kicking off in Adelaide on September 3, COVID restrictions pending, Polish Club's Now We're Tourin National Tour will continue on to Perth, Melbourne, Torquay, Wollongong, Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast, before wrapping up in Brisbane on October 2. Joined by Melbourne four-piece Press Club, the run of shows marks the duos first tour since the pandemic hit, and follows a number of intimate socially distanced shows over the past year.

Written throughout last years lockdown period, the genre-defying Now We’re Cookin' promises to be like nothing we've heard from the duo before. “If we did the same bluesy-soul shit album after album, it would be much harder to take inspiration or satisfaction from that. Repeating yourself doesn't somehow mean you’re being more true to yourself. I think it’s the opposite; you’re just being lazy.”

Now We’re Cookin' is out July 23. Listen to Whack below.


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