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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Stallin’ is out now!

Image: Warwick Gow.

Australian duo Betty Taylor have made their debut with their single, Stallin’. To celebrate the release the 2-piece have curated an exclusive playlist for MILKY, full of tracks that inspired the song and the direction of their sonic sound.

“The early stages of Stallin’ were written, and voice memo’d on a late night drive home. The sound for the final product was inspired by the feel and sound of the songs I’d usually drive home to, windows down, deep in a daydream fantasy” the duo share with MILKY.

“The overall sound of Betty Taylor has grown and progressed towards that distinctive Indie Rock sound. Re-writing the musicality of many of our songs, they deliver with driving bass and drums, and sweet melodic guitar licks and riffs. However, lyrically, remaining authentic to personal experience and story telling”.

To celebrate, Betty Taylor will take to the stage for an exclusive single launch at Noosa's Olè on November 25. Tickets are on sale now!

Stallin’ is out now!


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