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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Thinking Straight is out now!

Image: Tim Lambert

Melbourne-based indie rock outfit The Velvet Club have shared their new single, Thinking Straight. To celebrate the release, the band are taking us on tour and we're bringing you along!

“Lyrically, Thinking Straight is about getting stuck in your own head and doubting yourself but at the same time recognising that you’re in your head and taking 5 to relax and reset,” frontman AJ Tilyard shares.

“It’s just about recognising that at times things get overwhelming and to accept that and find ways to relax and get back on track when it happens instead of dwelling in it and trying to avoid it.”

Tom protecting his eyes from the Brisbane sun.

The lighting tech in Newcastle stole the show!

Pre show pub meal in Sydney.

Our name up in LIGHTS for the first time.

Sam opening up the pit in soundcheck.

Macca getting into character at the Motel in the Gold Coast.

Aus Music T-shirt day.

It’s dangerous when the venue turns into a karaoke bar after the show.

6am Airport vibe...

Thinking Straight is out now!


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