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Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget is out now!

Images: Supplied.

Alt-rockers LOSER have unveiled their new EP, Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget. To celebrate the release, the duo taking us behind-the-scenes of their recording process whilst creating the collection of songs.

“This whole EP is about self discovery. It’s about ignoring the distractions and digging deeper within yourself to find out who that is, what they want, and empowering yourself to be true to that. The name Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget is a reflection of that. We want to be a band that plays big stadiums and big crowds, but right now we’re recording the whole thing in our own backyard studio, touring hard as an opening band, and appreciating every moment of the journey without losing sight of our goals, or the reason we want to achieve them.” shares Craig Selak.

Writing and recording this EP was unlike any other experience we’ve ever had, not only as a band but as people. It was dis-jointed, it was exhausting – but it was also exhilarating and fulfilling.

Just before we began recording, two members of the band left. So with a bunch of tours

coming up and an EP to record, all of a sudden it was just myself (Craig) and Tim

(Guitar/Vocals) left by ourselves to either quit, or try and pick up the pieces and just keep

going. We chose the latter.

With no idea how we were going to pull it off, we retired to our own backyard studio

Restless Noise and just went to work recording and producing the entire thing ourselves,

with Tim also mixing it. The EP was originally recorded with Tim playing drums in addition to his duties as guitarist, vocalist and co-producer, and to be honest Tim is a beast on the

drums. But halfway through a tour with BUGS + VOIID we met the awesome Emily Car.

Emily joined the band and she re-recorded all the drums in her own amazing style. Emily has an epic way of drumming where she mixes power with feel and we are so grateful for her contributions to the EP.

Unfortunately a couple of weeks before the EP was starting to be released, Emily announced she was leaving the band. We were shattered. Emily had extremely valid and personal reasons for leaving due to her physical health which we won’t go into out of respect. We were so bummed, but also we respect and admire Em for having the strength to put her own health first.

After all these changes and a year of solid touring, we felt Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget was absolutely the most appropriate title for this batch of tunes.

We know that one day we wanna be playing the biggest stages, but right now we’re a band recording it by themselves in their backyard studio and putting in the hard yards as an opener on tours.

There’s a freedom in acknowledging where you’re at and just letting it be exactly as it is.

That freedom is what continues to drive us to be the best band and the best people we can be. Hope you enjoy the EP, see you on the road!

Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget is out now!


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