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Listen to the song below!

Image: Supplied.

Australian musician Pete McCredie has shared his new single, Put A Little Love On Me. Having converted his van for travel, and with statewide lockdowns having come to an end, the musician plans to traverse the east coast, performing and sharing the track with audiences.

Written, produced and mixed by the musician, the heartfelt track navigates the demise of a relationship and the longing to feel the warmth of love no matter the circumstance. Through vivid storytelling lyricism, McCredie sets the tone and invites listeners into his warm and moving sonic realm, made complete with harmonised arpeggios. The guitar-led track offers moments of intimacy and introspection, with the musicians mesmerising vocals drifting above sparking melodies.

Speaking of the track, McCredie shares with MILKY: This song was born out of a sad situation that is happening to one of my brothers - he's going through a divorce. The song is a question, it is from the viewpoint of a person who feels deprived of love asking if a little love could be given even though it may not be deserved."

McCredie first caught the attention of audiences in 2018 when he and his brother, fellow singer David McCredie, auditioned for The Voice Australia. Pete progressed, joining coach Joe Jonas' team, and has since released a string of singles and an EP, Go Now. Earlier this year, the brothers launched their joint musical project, The McCredie Brothers. Together, the duo have performed across the coast, sharing their music with audiences.

Put A Little Love On Me is out now!


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