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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Listen to the song below!

Image: Nico Carlile. Creative Director: Maddy Zipper.

Sydney-based, alt-punk duo Peni Parker have delivered their riotous new single, Lady. The release marks the first taste of new music from the duo since making their debut last year with Destroyer.

Bringing a conceptual approach to the track, Lady tells the story of two characters who reject and challenge gender restraints, whilst also serving as the first glimpse into the bands fictional universe. Built atop disorderly guitar work and raucous percussion, the song weaves in nods to anime and pop-culture, driven by commanding hooks and vocalist Maddy Ziper's compelling performance.

Zipper says the track is “Not simply aiming for some utopian androgyny but freedom of assignment. To completely pull it apart, separating the power dynamics attached to gender." Adding, “I recommend reading the absolute best; Angela Davis, bell hooks and Roxane Gay, they need to be heard. I want to be another angry voice backing these views through pop culture to say enough is enough, we all deserve better. Every voice raised chips away at its power & inspires another little human to speak up.”

“This is the first time I have ever been part of a musical project where the aesthetic and ethical aspects of the band are given the same level of time and energy as the music and I’m in love with it. Maddy had such a clear vision with Lady that has pushed me well out of my comfort zone in the best (and scariest) way.” Lauren Guerrera shares of the musical project.

Capturing the energy of the underground feminist punk movement, the duo channel their experiences within the industry into their creative output, pushing against the boundaries placed on female identifying musicians within the heavy music scene.

Lady is out now!


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