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The re-recorded version appears on the musicians recent festive release, Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train.

Image: Michael Hili.

Australian legend Paul Kelly is celebrating 'Gravy Day' with an all new visual for his seminal classic, How to Make Gravy. Written and recorded 25 years ago, the musician recently re-recorded the track for his first ever Christmas album, Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train.

Created by Siân Darling, the new visual features cameos from Brian Nankervis with his family, Gretta Ray and more! “The original How To Make Gravy came out 25 years ago and I must have played it now thousands and thousands of times. It’s a staple in our set. The band and I thought it would be worthwhile putting our current version to tape. The way we play the song has evolved over the years but not that much. We’ve always kept the crucial slide riff, originally played by Spencer P Jones, and on this recording by Ashley Naylor. Playing this song is like going on a ride. Once you’re on it, it just takes off! Note for music nerds: Peter Luscombe plays drums on both versions.” He continues of the clip, “The music video has been made by Siân Darling, lovingly and skilfully, with clips sourced from fans. It is a thing of wonder, sadness and joy.”

Boasting 22 holiday themed tracks, the album sees the celebrated musician team up with a bevy of talented vocalists, including members of his own family. Capturing all the emotions and feelings of the holiday season, the record centres itself around what Christmas looks like in Australia, void of glistening snow and the trim of holly. The double features a number of favourite seasonal standards, a Latin hymn and a traditional Irish folk ballad, and the new version of Kelly's own hit, How to Make Gravy.

“I’ve always been interested in Christmas songs and the variety of them,” Kelly says. “There is a double-edged sword to Christmas music because every year it is everywhere, pumped to you in supermarkets and malls. There is a lot of schlock but on the other hand there are so many great Christmas songs and so much to explore. I’ve chosen songs I love, which led me often to wander off the well-worn path, then chosen singers I thought best suited to them.”

Marlon Williams, Waleed Aly, Lior, Emma Donovan, Kasey Chambers, Kate Miller-Heidke, Vika & Linda Bull, Alice Keath, Sime Nugent, Alma Zygier, Emily Lubitz, Jess Hitchcock and Dhungala Children’s Choir are all coming along for the sleigh ride, with contributions from Kelly's own family, including nephew and band-mate Dan, siblings Mary-Jo and Tony and Paul’s daughters Maddy and Memphis Kelly.

“We had Advent, the month long build-up to Christmas. There was a small crib in one of the fireplaces with a pile of straw beside it. Every time you did something good or denied yourself something you would secretly put straw in the crib so it would be filled by Christmas, when a statuette of the baby Jesus would miraculously appear in the crib. The statues of the Three Wise Men started a long way off in another part of the house, secretly moving every night along mantelpieces so they would arrive at the crib for the Epiphany on January 6. That was all part of Christmas for us. It was fun and mysterious and magical." Kelly says of his family's own Christmas traditions. “Sometimes we do it all together, sometimes the Queensland gang do it separately from the Melbourne gang, and we have the tradition of singing carols on Christmas Eve, not very reverentially.”

Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train is out now!

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