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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Supplied.

Australian artist Orange Orange has shared his new single, Say What You Feel. The track is set to appear on the musicians soon-to-be released sophomore album, The Sun Isn't Gone.

Leaning into lo-fi electronic sonics, the track weaves together beguiling synth melodies with atmospheric production and the musicians entrancing vocals to create a textural soundscape. The song conceptually explores finding a newfound confidence in your thoughts and feelings following self-affirming introspection. The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Ryan Parsley.

Say What You Feel is about breaking past barriers of self-doubt, cutting through maintaining the status quo and plainly... just saying what you feel. Growing up, I maintained a very passive attitude and I would rarely voice my displeasures or issues if they would disrupt the flow of others. I had this epiphany on the cusp of adulthood that everything would have been better in the long run if I had just been honest about how I was feeling. I wanted this song to capture a moment of self-recognition and progression, with the final build being strong vows to maintain honesty with oneself." the musician shares of the track.

He adds of the visual, “The idea for the music video was so intrinsically linked with the meaning of the song, and I felt it was very appropriate to show that same journey of self-discovery visually. The video has been in the works all year with myself, Jagger and Angus, and though I’m credited as director I am very impressed with the creativeness and insight that Jagger and Angus brought to the production of the video.”

The solo musical project of Plaza-Trg's Ryan Basile, Orange Orange serves as a creative outlet for Basile's exploration of sound, weaving together a variety of sonic notes across his music. Having released his debut album Shame in 2019, the musician is currently working towards the release of his sophomore effort The Sun Isn't Gone, due out next February.

Say What You Feel is out now!


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