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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Glen Matheny

Twenty year old British musician Oliver Malcom has today dropped the music video for his latest single, The Machine.

Now based in LA, Malcom collaborated with his friends Kay Ibrahim and Jay Seba to film the music clip for the experimental punk track. The team worked over three days to shoot and edit the entire clip. The music video sees the singer wandering around his home town of London, running amuck on its streets, empty trains and warehouses.

Following up from his previous releases Switched Up, Kevin and Helen, the singer brings his one-man production skills to another killer track, inspired by his admiration for The Clash and also the sometimes gloomy vibe of London. The song, written and produced by Malcom, is a comment on social injustices such as financial gain over employee satisfaction.

In an interview on BBC Radio 1’s Indie Shoe, Malcom revealed that the lyrics "revolt against the social institutions that prioritise material and financial gain above all else, transforming their subjects into simple cogs in 'The Machine’”.

Malcom is set to release his debut eight-track EP, later this year. Watch the music video for The Machine below!


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