Image: Supplied.

NOT A BOYS NAME, the musical project of mastermind Dave Jenkins Jr, has just dropped the visual for his collaboration with Bec Sandridge, Fuck It Up. Directed by Jenkins Jr himself, the fast-paced, pop-art daydream visual leaves you thinking, “Is there anything Dave Jenkins Jr can’t do?”

The visual came to be after Jenkins Jr conceptualised various settings where and and Sandridge could personify the lyrical content, performing for the camera in direct relations to the attributed lyric. The visual is complete with a dog, a baby, broken CDs, death by water pistol, cameos from Rosie Fitzgerald (I Know Leopard) and English singer-songwriter Lucy Taylor (PAWWS) and other jumpsuit clad quirkiness.

Speaking of the visual, Jenkins Jr shares. “I was inspired by the clips of DEVO, Talking Heads and early Prince. The kind of videos where they didn’t have a lot of budget..just a camera, some lights and a studio space. Filming against a white background meant that we literally had a blank canvas to throw our ideas at. While a lot of the ideas were dreamt up ahead of the shoot, a great deal of them were imagined on the day. Dave remarks “On the morning of the shoot, the DOP Kaillan Clay said that he was bringing his dog" Juggy I immediately had a vision of that old HMV image with the dog and the gramophone. I thought THIS HAS TO HAPPEN! So I stopped off at an electronics store and bought a megaphone. After some coaxing and a few treats (hidden in the megaphone) we got the shot we were after”.

Infusing 70’s and 80’s sounds within an avant-garde soundscape, Fuck It Up conceptually tackles a fractured friendship, one that has become irreparable after working together. Juxtaposing sincere lyricism with a bright and shimmering synth-pop soundscape will have you grooving along and living your best life, whilst also riling up feelings of contempt. The combination of the duos vocal performance and the sonics of the track feel like it could be a lost song from The Rocky Horror Picture show. Should we start a petition for NOT A BOYS NAME to score the sequel?

Fuck It Up is out now! Watch the music video below.