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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Our favourite Melbourne hitmakers, Northeast Party House have treated us with their new banger, Wish We Could.

Opening with moody warped production beneath frontman Zachary Hamilton-Reeves' resounding vocals, the track builds to a rapturous chorus that introduces a drum and bass loop whilst mellow undertones that flows through from the songs verses. Wish We Could explores the feelings of longing that arise within a new relationship, and is accompanied by an official visual created by Sean Kenihan.

“I wrote the core of ‘Wish We Could’ around an unwanted break in a new relationship. I was living by myself in a one bedroom apartment at the beginning of COVID and it meant that I’d lost access to my intimate partner and her share house too - a space that had become my social hub. I was feeling pretty low. I was playing with a talk box style of effect to create chords with my voice. The chords felt so emotive to me, which I guess is why the vocal hook came so easily. After that I chucked the rough D'n'B loop over the top of it all and the rest of the demo just flowed from there.”

Wish We Could is out now!


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