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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Hunter Blue.

Aussie singer Nicole Millar has made her grand return, with the release of her new single, Are You Kidding?. The track is taken from Millar's forthcoming EP of the same name, due out this April.

Built upon glitchy beats, the track sets the tone for whats to come from the singer, creating a shimmering pop soundscape that floats beneath the singers dreamy vocals. Collaborating with producer Kitler, the song arrives with a retro visual made up of VCR footage, bringing Palm Spring vibes straight from the pool.

Speaking of their creative process, Millar shares: "I wrote this track to a beat in my head and brought it into the studio with Kilter. He helped to take it to a new place. Kilter sped it up and started doing vocal chops as a joke and I was like, wait, that is actually so sick. So, I made him recreate it and put it in the song."

Making no apologies, Nicole invites us to glimpse into a small but monumentally pivotal point of her artistic discovery. On creating music today, Nicole says she’s coming from a place of knowing where she stands and what she has to give as an artist. "Making music for me has definitely been a way to get out trauma and feelings I didn’t even know I wanted to talk about," she says. "As I’ve been exploring sounds and finding confidence in my own skin, I’ve discovered how to freely express my emotions in music. Opening up has allowed me to play with music in a fresh way. You can hear that I’m growing as an artist. I know I have so much more in me to give."

Are You Kidding? is out now! Watch the visual below.


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