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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Mother Mother above!

Canadian indie-rock outfit, Mother Mother have hit our shores for their debut Australian tour! We caught up with the band to chat about performing live, the viral success of their single Hayloft, new music and so much more!

Having formed in 2005, Mother Mother have delivered right studio albums, with each release furthering their indie-rock-based sonic experimentation. In 2020, the bands 2010 single Hayloft found a new audience on TikTok, becoming the most searched set of lyrics in the US, and second most searched in the world. This new viral attention turned listeners towards their hefty catalogue of music, and soon the band found themselves with a legion of new multigenerational fans across the globe.

Off the back of their newfound success, Mother Mother have been touring the world, with their live show reaching Australian audiences for the first time ever. Having kicked off earlier this month, the band performed to sold-out crowds in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, putting on a dynamic and engaging show for their devoted audience. The five-piece were set to travel to New Zealand to for a further two sold-out performances in Auckland this week, however severe weather conditions has resulted in the cancellation of both shows. Refunds are available from the point of purchase.

Watch our interview with Mother Mother above!


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