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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The new edition arrives with a new track, Empty Me Out

Image: Steven Wang

Florida rockers Moodring have announced their signing to UNFD, which sees a reissue of their recent EP, Showmetherealyou. Co-produced by frontman Hunter Young at his home studio, the re-release comes with a brand new song, Empty Me Out, arriving alongside an 80’s Hollywood inspired visual.

Speaking of the track, Hunter shares: "The lyrics were inspired by the character Gluttony from an Anime series, 'Full Metal Alchemist', who has an insatiable hunger, I found that concept really intriguing. Musically, the track is darker too, and stems from the heavier side of Moodring, showcasing how our sound cannot be easily defined or categorised."

Fusing together sonic threads of alt-rock, shoegaze, grunge and nu-metal, Hunter says their sound is undefinable, "...our sound can and will change, morph and evolve, even across the course of a single song. Our identity is genre-fluid. Lyrically, Moodring is pure teenage angst. When people contact me via the Moodring page and tell me something like, “I relate to this”, I legitimately feel bad for them. I’m like, “Fuck, I’m sorry, I really wish you didn’t.” But, in my experience, that is how human beings relate to each other, through misery.”

Showmetherealyou is out now! Watch the visual for Empty Me Out below.


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