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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The singer has also announced a national tour!

Image: Jacinthe Lau.

Australian pop artist Montaigne has treated us with the announcement of her third studio album, making it!, set to arrive this November. The singer has also shared her new single, die b4 u, alongside the news of a national tour.

Featuring the singers previously released collaborations with Talking Heads' David Byrne always be you, make me feel so… with Dadi Freyr, and the solo single now (in space), the 10-track release will feature a collaboration with Maika Loubte, as well as another track featuring Byrne.

“The record is quite preoccupied with death and the cosmos, seemingly apocalyptic feelings and events, so the metaphor [of the monster] resonated. There was something about it that made me go: ‘that is me’. This particular monster Curtis created is kind of cute, bright, and colourful, because I think the record is sonically very colourful and playful. As fuelled as it is by anxiety and fear, it’s all dealt with a sort of fucked sense of humour." Montaigne shares of the album.

“I wanted the thing to feel both industrial and organic — this record is a departure from my previous ones because there are almost no acoustic/real/unprocessed sounds on it. We were aspiring to a computer record, but we wanted it to still feel warm in places, and I think for all its digital nature it's still innately human.”

Kicking off in Adelaide on September 30, the run of shows will continue on to Perth, Byron Bay, Maroochydore, Brisbane, Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat, before wrapping up in Wollongong on October 28. More details can be found here.

making it! is out September 2.


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