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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Cologne based producer, singer and composer Moglii has teamed up with Australian electronic artist Panama on their new track, Push Me. The eclectic electro-pop track is the perfect combination of Moglii's glistening production and Panama's beautifully vulnerable vocals.

Speaking of the track, Moglii shares: “Push Me is quite an emotional song for me. It tells the story of a sensation of rejection and is an acute expression of faintness with all its deep emotional components. It talks about intimate feelings in a relationship that is characterized as complicated, cold-hearted but intense at the same time. Crying out for acceptance seems to be the only way of recovering the love you once felt."

“I actually met Jarrah (Panama) through email. I'm living in Cologne and he is living in LA, so we had to bring this project together from a distance. I remember that I was texting Jarrah via Instagram the first time. He answered immediately so we started a collaboration soon after. It turned out, that it was really a match in regards to taste and the musical vision for that project." Moglii says of how the collaboration came to fruition.

A classically trained jazz pianist whose characteristic production style comes from the mix of warm beats, analogue synthesizers and soulful vocal samples; Moglii complements his modern electronic compositions with acoustic instruments and an organic sound design comprising of samples he created himself and these together give birth to futuristic pop music. 'Push Me (feat. Panama)' adds to Moglii's impressive catalogue of collaborations which includes Hayden James and Elderbrook.

Push Me is out now! Listen to the track below.


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