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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Anthony Molina.

Our favourite German pop duo have delivered a slice of dancefloor goodness with their new single, Synchronize. The track sees the pair team up once again with their Colorado collaborator, DECCO.

Opening with the bands signature indie-rock guitar led sonics, the groove soon takes over and transports listeners to an underground rave as scintillating synth melodies simmer above a driving beat. The track documents feeling in-tune with your partner, and the comforting feeling that can bring.

“It’s often just the two of us writing and producing,” says bassist / percussionist Phillipp Dausch, “but we worked with another songwriter and producer duo called DECCO on ‘Colorado,’ and we all had such good chemistry in the studio that we knew we wanted to collaborate with them again on Synchronize. Music is all about communication and connection, and working with other people put us in touch with parts of ourselves that we’d never really explored before.”

Directed by Marie Schuller, the duo ride through into a dystopian landscape finding the streets laced with people busting out their best dance moves. Soon enough, the pair are initiated into the dance-like cult, as the terror of doomsday looms.

Synchronize is out now! Watch the visual below.


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