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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Liberty Hall will open late-October within the Entertainment Quarter!

Image: Supplied.

Mary’s Group have announced their brand new venue, Liberty Hall, dedicated to hosting live music.

Finding its home within Entertainment Quarter, taking over the building formerly known as Max Watts opposite the much loved Hordern Pavilion, Mary's aim for the venue to represent the freedom of expression and a commitment to arts and culture, hoping to bring local and international talent to the stage.

“Liberty Hall takes its lead from the great venues of the world whose vision is to provide space for artists to explore their full potential. We see art as so deeply vital to the health of society. We hope we can create a home for free expression, of shared celebration and of deep connection. LibertyHall will be a home for intimate moments and fucking face tearing partying, for challenging conversations and shared experiences.” Mary’s Co-Owner Jake Smyth shares.

Co-Owner Kenny Graham adds, “The number of words we encounter on a day to day basis is possibly at an all-time high. Opinions, take downs, promises, encouragement, they are ubiquitous but often lacking in fortitude. Taking action is what creates change and helps build a positive future and that's what we look to embrace. We are humbled at another opportunity to take the reins of yet another fallen live music venue and pour energy and hard work into creating an exciting creative space for Sydney's arts community.”

The dedicated music venue will also sit next door to a new Mary’s venue, bringing their infamous burgers, fried chicken and natural wine to the most exciting live music party of 2022. LibertyHall will open late-October within the Entertainment Quarter.


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