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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our full interview with Maple Mall!

South coast band Maple Mall are back with their new tune, Up In Space. Following on from their single Down This Way, the four-piece have got your weekend sorted with a brand new lockdown groove!

Continuing their signature blend of garage-rock and surf-rock, the sun-drenched track conceptually shines an introspective light on self-identity, and trying to re-centre oneself. Frontman Mitch Ngawati vocals glide throughout the track, above shimmering sonics heralded by enthralling guitar melodies, and beaming percussion.

Speaking of the track, the group share with MILKY: "Up In Space is about disillusionment and a loss of self-identity. We really tried to create a sense of duality within this track. Like the imagery of a colourful mind against the vast darkness of space, or the idea of exploring space being less daunting than exploring your own identity."

Having formed early last year after jamming together for fun, the four-piece began writing original songs, bringing together their vast musical influences. With a string of single releases under their belt, Maple Mall have been bringing their live show to audiences across the south coast, having supported The Terrys on their debut NSW tour.

Up In Space is out now!


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