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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Supplied.

Perth hip-hop artist Mali Jo$e has unveiled the visual for his collaboration with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Abraham Tilbury, 3:59:59 AM. Taken from his debut EP, Hours b4 Sunrise, the clip sees the musician team up once again with longtime collaborator, Dylan Guy.

The serene and cinematic visual places the musician and his collaborators within still settings, capturing the contemplative and introspective conceptual exploration of the song. Jo$e and Tilbury's light and peaceful moments are juxtaposed by darker scenes including Hideyoshi that visually captures the songs sonic turn.

Speaking of the visual, Guy shares: "I wanted it to reflect the very introspective nature of the song, with quiet moments among the remote locations that serve to tell the story of the three protagonists each overcoming their own mental battles."

"We wanted to be cinematic. A lot of our previous work has been centred around experimenting. Whether that’s the effects we use, the shots that we take, or even the idea itself. But I think a whole video full of beautiful cinematography was something we haven’t tried. I think there’s so much beauty in simple scenic shots that convey their own story within the eyes of the beholder." adds Jo$e.

Making his debut in 2019 with Mistakes, the musician followed the song up with a string of singles that led to the release of Hours b4 Sunrise. Weaving together old school hip-hop influences with contemporary Australian youth culture, the musician documents his own stories within his music, delivering mesmerising tracks that capture his magnetic performance.

Hours b4 Sunrise is out now! Watch the visual for 3:59:59 AM below.


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