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Image: Supplied.

Melbourne-based artist Mackenzie Parker has delivered his debut EP, I Wonder if We’ll Feel Like This Forever, treating us to a lush body of work that will leave you wanting more. Produced by injoy, the EP documents his own experiences coming of age, with a focus on substance abuse and eating disorders, whilst also looking towards brighter days and finding inner peace.

Opening with the EP's title track, we're introduced to the breezy sonic exploration Parker has in store for us, and the juxtaposition of feel-good soundscapes paired with thought provoking lyricism that is laced throughout the project. He ponders on the state of a relationship whilst glimmering guitar and synth work unfurl below the musicians hypnotic vocals. Led by a driving guitar melody, Cash Only documents a night out with a particular focus on the effects of substance abuse. Introspective and reflective lyricism bring to life Parker's innermost thoughts, building towards a spoken word hook.

On Paper Thin, Parker's vocals reach new heights, soaring into dulcet falsetto tones beaming above relaxed production, before I Swear Interlude allows an intimate glimpse into the musicians songwriting process. The voice memo recording provides a pared back moment of contemplation, as he explores the line between feeling numb towards pain. Closing with Makeshift Medicine, acoustic melodies lead into atmospheric synthesised sonics, before erupting into zestful ending. Parker dissects how his life decisions have shaped the path he finds himself on, before ruminating on what the future may hold.

Across I Wonder if We’ll Feel Like This Forever, we're given to an inward dissection of the musicians own psyche, and the impact previous life decisions can hold whilst navigating the present. Parker's delicate and soothing vocals are delicately woven within dynamic soundscapes that often feel like they could belong on a record from The 1975. His conversational lyricism provides moments of relatability, offering an emotional voyage across the release, that marks the beginning of what is sure to be an illustrious career.

4/5 stars.

I Wonder if We’ll Feel Like This Forever is out now!


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