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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied.

Singer-songwriter Luke Daniel Peacock is back with his highly-anticipated new track, The Common Good. Following Give Me A Reason and The Odd Specifics, the song acts as the third part in a trilogy of releases.

Peacock brings his world-class vocals to the song, where the musician hopes for a better tomorrow. The stripped back pop track is complete with atmospheric guitar strums with soothing percussion, sonically feeling like a mix between DMA’s and early Snow Patrol records, particularly their song Run.

The Common Good rounds out a kind of trilogy of songs, along with Give Me A Reason and The Odd Specifics,” Peacock shares. “It’s again looking at certain peoples self-serving morals and subsequent abuse of the greater health of our country. I guess it’s me dreaming of a future where these people stop dreaming and find the courage to let their feet touch the ground.”

Earlier this year, the singer released Older Then, which peaked at #2 on AMRAP, which was followed up by the melancholy alt-pop ballad, The Odd Specifics and Give Me A Reason. The musician also featured as a performer and curator of the 13th instalment of the Isol-Aid Festival. Throughout his career, Peacock has recorded, performed and toured extensively, collaborating and taking to the state with some of the most revered and respected names within the music industry, be that in his home country of Australia or globally.

The Odd Specifics is out now! Listen to the track below.


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