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The track is set to appear on the singers forthcoming debut EP!

Image: Harry Chalker.

Singer-songwriter Lucy Sugerman has shared her new single, Paralysed. The song serves as the newest peek into the singers forthcoming debut EP hurt that’s man made.

Sugerman brings her knack for confessional pop lyricism to the track, brought to life by catchy melodies and the singers dulcet vocal tones. The track navigates the devestation of a breakup and how everything feels drawn out, making it impossible to heal and move on. Capturing the angst an emotions of a teenage break up, Sugerman says of the track" “Time moves dreadfully slow when you're 17 and devastated over a boy. The poor guy didn't even do anything wrong. I'm just glad something cathartic you can dance and scream too was born out of a period in my teens of being so upset.”

"I wrote the track on my first ever writing trip to Melbourne. I’d gotten broken up with for the first time that year and it was my first year out of school, so I went into all the sessions armed with things to write about. I couldn’t stop singing about the breakup - it felt like I was stuck in time, and stuck in my hometown - all things that reminded me of this boy. All my friends were getting stuck into real adult life and I wasn’t doing much and everything felt like it was terrible and wouldn’t let up. ‘paralysed’ is the most literal and diaristic song on my EP, and arguably has the saddest lyrics, despite Joel and I picking a fast tempo, writing with major resolving pop chords and Joel layering up the fun guitar-based production. I guess now I can laugh about how sad I was, and I have a bunch of songs I’m proud of to remember that period of my life" she details.

Last year, Sugerman made her debut with i wanna kiss boys cos i'm bored, co-written alongside Hauskey and Muki, before teaming up with Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis, Eluera). on Colourblind. The singer also was the recipient of one of APRA AMCOS’ Women in Music Mentorships and participated in the organisations first ever Song Generations writing camp at ANU School of Music. She was selected to take part in APRA AMCOS' SongHubs Melbourne 2021, curated by Gretta Ray.

Paralysed is out now! Watch the visual below.


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