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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Alexandra Gavillet.

GRAMMY®-nominated singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi is back! Forget Me serves as the first taste of the musicians hotly-anticipated sophomore album.

Capaldi's return ushers in a more upbeat sound from the musician, pivoting away from the more sombre sonics of his previous hits, His signature emotive vocals cut through bright piano chords and warm guitar work, bringing vulnerable and confessional lyricism to life. Across the track, the musician expresses feelings of wanting to be remembered and hated by his former lover, rather than forgotten altogether.

Forget Me is a song that’s so dear to my heart and I definitely feel like it’s my best tune yet,” Capaldi shares. “It's about a break up I went through where after a year, the only real contact I had with my ex was seeing her ‘post-me’ life play out on her Instagram. I was at a point where I was feeling pretty miserable and she seemed like she was moving on and having the best time, thriving, and I hated it. It seemed unfair to me that she appeared happy while I was hurting, and I was fearful she might have forgotten about me completely, so I wrote a song about it.”

The release arrives alongside an official visual, bringing Capaldi's signature humorous style to the screen. Directed by Louis Bhose, we follow a speedo-clad Capaldi as he lives life up on a picturesque island and encounters two fellow vacationers. “You hear a sad song and you expect a sad video. There’s catharsis in that. But to go in the other direction completely felt more in line with the Lewis that walked onstage at Glastonbury in full Noel Gallagher getup,” Bhose says. “The performance is classic Capaldi: ‘yeah, no bother, just singing this song with a cocktail in my hand. I’m fine, not thinking about my ex, here at Club Tropicana.’”

Forget Me is out now!


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