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Listen to the track below!

Image: Supplied.

New York City-based singer-songwriter Leo Sawikan is back with his new single, Hold On. The track serves as the first taste of music from the musician this year, and will lead towards the release of a larger collection of songs.

The mid-tempo cut finds the musician teaming up with Nashville based singer-songwriter Lucy Isabel, serving a beacon of hope and a reminder to stay true to yourself, fuelled by introspective and thought provoking lyricism. Sawikan's captivating vocals swell above mesmerising guitar work, drawing influence from early 2000's compositions that creates an uplifting sonic realm.

“I’m always trying to grow and develop and explore new musical possibilities for myself,” Sawikan says. “Listening back to earlier songs, I started thinking about what I could do differently; how could I do what I wanted to musically without too much embellishment? For one, I wanted to do a record that showcased my chord voicings in a way that was much more upfront than what I had done in the past.And on previous recordings, I worked with a full backing band, but this time Phil encouraged me to do all the guitar parts myself and to come up with and play all the keyboard parts as well. It was quite a challenge, but I feel like there’s a lot more of me on these new tracks, and that we really were able to distill the songs to their essence. Now,I’m just looking forward to seeing how people respond!”

Hold On is out now!


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