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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Jack Cullis.

West-London artist Lava La Rue has shared their new collection of songs, a shining new EP, Butter-Fly. Recorded in L.A. and London with producers including Isom Innis (Foster The People), Dan Holloway and Courage, the release is complete with five dexterous and confident tracks, including collaborations with the likes of Deb Never, Clairo and Vegyn.

Bringing their honey-tinged vocal and trademark rap flow to the tracks, the musician hopes to 'redefine what queer music can be; setting the agenda for queer music in the 20s'. Each track puts queer love in all its facets on centre stage, set to lush and scintillating genre-bending soundscapes. From love ballads to psychedelic pop, the mature release is another shining moment in the musicians discography.

Speaking on the project, the musician explains; "The whole project was made in a transitional time where I felt like I had finally found my wings and settled into a place where I was able to practice a lot of the things I believed in. I musically had pushed myself further than i had done before to capture a dreamy emotion of falling in love, entering my 20s, shrugging of insecurities you carry through your teens and recognising the kind of person I want to be in this world. So the word “butterfly” made sense, but I specially split up the word into “butter” and “fly” with the hyphen because both those words by them self it has both ugly and beautiful connotations; the word butter makes me think of grease and excess but also smoothness and taste (smooth like butter), and the word fly makes me think of the insect and it’s connection to death & excretion but also to literally fly and be liberated. I guess it represents the process to join those words together and be transitional. The hyphen is the growing pains. Then finally it’s the follow up project after “Stitches” ....butterfly stitches, the healing of wounds".

Butter-Fly is out now!


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