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Listen to the track below!

Image: Jordan Trkulja.

Sydney-based artist LADY KING is back with her new single, Play It. The musical project of Thai-Australian born musician Lara King, the song serves as the first taste of new music from the singer since her 2021 collaboration with Mid Ground, Love Will Always Catch You.

On the soulful release, King effortlessly weaves together notes of neo-soul, jazz, RnB and pop into one breezy soundscape, crafted alongside Sydney producer LEN20. Her mesmerising tones unfurl above relaxed percussion and glistening chords, creating a relaxing listening experience that serves as a message to back yourself and reclaim your power. Inspired by first-hand experiences of the double standards women face, the track navigates the effects of slut-shaming and degradation that follows sexual freedom.

Enlisting an army of talented female artists including including Annalina, Ellen

Mara and IMI, Ida Warhol, Hilary Geddes, Lydia Swaires, the singer shares: “This song is special for me and my journey in reclaiming my power and reconnecting with my femininity so I wanted to make a point of including some of my favourite women in the Sydney music scene.”

“I often write songs from my own personal experiences. This situation affected me and my self-worth deeply, and ultimately took years to overcome. It was made all the worse because it was a close friend of mine. Amidst the chaos of his rejection and heartache, my private relationships and sexual receipts were publicly displayed and weaponised against me - all of this because I didn’t love him back...”

To celebrate the release, LADY KING will take to the stage at Ramblin Rascals in Sydney on August 27. Armed with a full band, the night will be a celebration of new music and self-expression.

Play It is out now!

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