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The musician has offered up some insight into each track!

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Rising R&B/Hip-Hop Hybrid Kyle Banks has dropped his sophomore EP, Uncommon. If you're loving the release and want some insight into each song, we've got you covered! The musician has treated MILKY, taking us through the EP track by track.


So first song’s first: When I made Folded I was basically dealing with a situation where I felt like I was rocking with somebody and they did something that just low-key made me feel like they turned on me, or they just folded. And when I was making it I was like you know, I feel like on this whole project I wanna show emotion. When I show too much emotion I’m like crying but you know it shows that I’m vibing, if that makes sense. So that song, I was in a position, or a zone, where I was thinking about how this person low-key turned on me or just switched up the plans.


The next song is Bad Bih and it’s kind of the opposite you know. And like I said this whole project has different emotions. They don’t have to be in order but they’re different emotions. That situation was the complete opposite, where I was with somebody and you know, I felt like we started from the bottom together and they literally see me grow into who I am right now. See me make my moves, see me create something out of nothing. And you know it was them. And because of that I appreciated them a lot. You know, she’s a bad bih.


Third song on the project is On My Own featuring Bino Rideaux. And that’s just like a fun song, you know. That’s just a song where I get in my zone and I’m just thinking I’m out. You know I’m thinking I’m downtown driving with my friends and we just having a good time, it’s like a night out song, where you’re with your boys, you’re having a great night, you got bottles popping, cologne, that’s just a fly song to me, a feel good song.


The next song is Forever. That’s a song basically about noticing someone and you want that moment to last. You want this night, or moment to last forever. That song’s about something good that you wanted to last. You wanna feel that infinite.

4 U

The next song is 4 U featuring K Camp. That song’s about caring for someone and you’re like “I wanna change your life, I want you to come on my team, I fuck with you, I like what I’m seeing, and you know I feel like I can make you that much better and I gotta tell you what I got and what I can do. Me and you could be that much better. I could add that oomph to you, you got that oomph to me you know what I’m sayin’? We gonna be a great team. I’ll be that nigga for you. I’ll be whoever you want, whoever you want me to be, I’ll be that for you.


Next song is Cold. That’s about somebody you fuck with but you know you shouldn’t be fucking with. It’s like I say my heart’s cold towards you, it’s like I say I fuck with you, you know I got love for you and all that but at the same time you left me.I knew I was gonna be in a certain position but I felt like how you was moving you didn’t think I was gonna do it. And you was moving cold, so I was cold on you. So that’s a song where you like switch on somebody. Not really switch, but you start to see shit for what it is, and you get cold.


The next song is Bogus featuring BlueBucksClan. That’s another song you just having fun with, you got your jewellery on, it’s like you’re just stunting on, you’re shitting on somebody. It’s not really shitting on, but you talking shit. You saying what it is. I’m fly, and that’s what it is. Again it’s a feel good song, you out with your homies.


The next song on the project is Water featuring Damar Jackson. That song’s a sexy song, you with your girl, it’s like a Valentine’s song, it’s the song you put on for the moment. You get a nice room, and you’re appreciating this woman, you know what I’m saying’?


The last song is Free CC you know I got my mans CC, he would be here right now if he wasn’t in jail. He’s going through something but he’s about to be home very soon. It’s for my brother, man. You know, regardless of how happy we are right now at the same time you know in the back of your head we aren’t all together. It bothers me but at the same time I know he’d want us to keep going crazy, as we are. I talk to him all the time. But you know, just free CC, free my boy, man.”

Uncommon is out now!


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