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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


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Sydney-based hip hop artist Kiyanosh has released his new EP, Dying Alone. The six track jazz-laden, hip hop release features the previously released singles, KARMA and 4BAR4.

Bringing his signature dexterous wordplay to each track, the EP ranges from introspective to chaotic. The musician began working on the songs whilst in the midst of creating his debut album. Each song takes on its own life, juxtaposing the sounds present on each track. There is jazz, soul, electronic and everything in between.

The EP is filled with relentless bars, eloquent keyboards, lush bass lines, reverberating guitars, ominous production, distorted vocals and so much more. Kiyanosh has curated the release so that no two tracks sound alike, creating a unique listening experience.

Of the release, Kiyanosh shared: “’Dying Alone’ is a collection of songs I made with my friends during the process of working on my debut album. With every song being radically different to the next, the project essentially presents itself as a smorgasbord of sounds, emotions and ideas, all of which represent some part of me. I hope that with this project people can gain a stronger understanding of the various sides of Kiyanosh and what I'm really trying to do with my work.”

Born and raised in Sydney, the musician acknowledges and celebrates his heritage, often exploring and navigating his Iranian roots. He examines and critiques the clash of cultures of the two worlds he belongs to, bringing light to the different ideals and lifestyles.

Dying Alone is out now.


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