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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Supplied

Wollongong band Kitten Heel have returned with their second EP of 2020! I Love You Too, Man continues the bands fusing together of guitar and synth led indie sounds with hints dance beats that pull on your heartstrings whilst making you want to take to the dance floor.

Kitten Heel have a knack for producing tunes that will make you feel something, be that a physical or emotional reaction. I Love You Too, Man is no different! Across five tracks, the band create an inviting soundscape, filled with evocative and thought provoking lyricism.

The EP is accompanied by the official music video for How We Work. Directed by Jareth Leslie-Evans, the band share of the music video" “The clip pays homage to Marlon Brando’s monologue in Apocalypse Now. Within Colonel Kurtz (Brando) details madness and existential horror, how he functions as the heart of darkness - how he works, now. A result of his own actions and environment, it's one's ability to recognise these forces and engage with them that create nuanced lessons in your experiences. Things to learn from but not necessarily grow."

Since erupting onto the scene last year, the band have gone from strength to strength having dropped two EP’s this year. Club Dust was met with acclaim and perfectly exhibited the tireless three years worth of honing in on their sound that led the release. Narrowing in on their new wave sounds, the band fuse together the nostalgia of the 80’s within a modern soundscape.

I Love You Too, Man is out now! Watch the music video for How We Work below!


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