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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch our interview with Kita Alexander below!

Northern NSW-based singer/songwriter Kita Alexander has treated us with her new single, 7 Minutes In Heaven. The track arrives weeks after the singer wrapped up her sold-out debut headline tour.

With each release, Alexander continues to draw us in with her enigmatic and inimitable performances, and 7 Minutes In Heaven is no different. The dreamy cut will transport you to a carefree warm summer day, fuelled by nostalgia-drenched production unfurling beneath the singers mesmerising vocals. The track is inspired by days gone by full of carefree adventures and the glow of new love, and arrives alongside a low-fi visual capturing the love shared between Alexander and her husband, Olympic bronze medallist Owen Wright.

“7 Minutes In Heaven is the song which aesthetically and sonically encapsulates my forthcoming album. This song is my buddy and my best friend,” Alexander shares. “Sitting down with my co-writers Thom and Andy, we started with the chorus. I sang the hook “Just let it go”. Thom kept singing the melody after it. I was imagining what I was wanting to let go of. And it came to me. I wanted to let go of all those boundaries we put on ourselves. The constraints which hold us back from having a good time, be it out fear or a need for control, an idea of safety. This is a best friend letter to myself, my inner voice telling me to loosen up and have fun. It’s me, pep talking myself into enjoying every moment like it’s my last.”

7 Minutes In Heaven is out now!


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