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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


The musicians new EP is set to arrive next month!

Image: Supplied.

Vocalist and producer Kid Fiction has unveiled his new single, Diamonds. The progressive track is set to appear on the musicians forthcoming third EP, The End Of The Flat Earth, due out December 10.

The textural and dynamic release delves deeper into the artists distinctive approach to electronica, creating a frenzied and all consuming sonic soundscape. Exisiting within an IDM realm, the track ponders on what the future will hold without a clear path forward, whilst offering moments of introspection into the musicians own life. Leaving the track open to individual interpretation, Kid Fiction shares "it's pretty clear we are living on on the precipice.

Hustling within the underground scene in Sydney, the musician made his debut in 2018 with his debut self-titled EP. Delicately weaving together threads of electronica with ethereal sonic notes, there's a melancholic aura present within his releases. Kid Fiction's music is driven by a sharp focus on the world around him and events that have changed the world at its core, as well as his own place and existence within it.

Kid Fiction has gone from strength to strength with each release, reaching new audiences that are transfixed by his mesmerising soundscapes and captivating lyricism. The musician has performed across Australia and Europe, including sets at Listen Out , Subsonic and Yours & Owls Festival, as well as the London Music Conference, Sofar Sounds, Club Gretchen in Berlin and an opening set in The Box at Ministry Of Sound in London.

Diamonds is out now!


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