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Watch our interview with KESMAR below!

Sydney-based producer and songwriter KESMAR has shared his new single, Day by Day. The musical project of Nathan Hawes, the release arrives alongside an official visual, comprised of archival footage captured by the musicians parents from 1979-1982.

Bringing his signature breezy sonics to the track, melodic synth melodies and bubbling bass lines flow throughout the track, building towards a shining piano and horn break. Hawes' mesmerising vocals float above as he captures the loneliness felt following the demise of a relationship, and dealing with your emotions one day at a time.

Speaking of the track, Hawes shares: “Day by Day is one of the favourite songs from this new up and coming collection of music. It's a song that I wrote towards the end of 2020, really to be straight up it's just a break up song, I hadn't been alone for a while and was really struggling with thoughts. Writing music a lot of the time is a big coping mechanism for anxiety and at that time the future, as the world was changing drastically. There have been countless versions of this song, it really pushed me and my creativity. After playing it live for about a year I knew I had to try and capture the sporadic essence of playing it live. The end of the song features an elaborate keyboard solo by Tim Ayre tied with the energetic drums by Patrick Rogers.”

Having launced in 2019, Hawes has released two EP's under KESMAR, 2019's Up To You and 2021's Forever Holiday. He's collaborated with the likes of LANKS, Tim Ayre and Priddle, and toured alongside Vera Blue and Miami Horror.

Day By Day is out now. Watch our interview with KESMAR above.


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