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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Watch the visual below!

Image: Noah Gallagher

Sunshine Coast artist Jye has unveiled the first taste of his forthcoming album, with the release of Sleeping In. Offering up moments of intimacy and soul-baring honesty, the track brings the musicians signature D.I.Y. flair to indie-pop.

Sleeping In sees the musician navigate the intricate and unique nature of a breakup, and the longing for inner peace. With influences from Dominic Fike and Still Woozy, Jye crafts his own genre-bending sonic realm, with Sleeping In serving as an invigorating introduction to the self-produced singer.

Speaking of the nature of the track, Jye shares: “I was in a pretty bad car accident with an ex-partner a couple of years ago, and it really changed my perspective on life. It was a moment in which I decided I really wanted to pursue music. I thought it would be interesting to add this aspect to the song. The second half was built off of this idea, I wanted to give this dreamlike reflection off the first verse with the implication having crashed into water and the ‘life flashing before your eyes’ moment”.

The release arrives alongside an official visual, directed by Levi Cranston, where we follow the musician as he cruises through lush green landscapes before finding himself crashing into a road block and transported to a shimmering aquarium. “Levi Cranston really brought this to life visually, with the video implying this idea of being blinded by love that leads to the crash scene, the crash being the only prompt we had talked about for a video.” Jye says of the visual.

Sleeping In is out now! Watch the visual below.


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