The singer has also announced two intimate shows in Sydney!

Image: Brooke Ashley Barone

Aussie legend Julia Stone has released her new single Unreal. The track is her second offering of 2020 after a seven year hiatus from releasing solo music.

The synth-led track tells the tale of friendship and feelings of alienation within a relationship. Stone wrote and dedicates the track to her collaborator and producer Thomas Bartlett, sharing: “When I’m with Thomas, I feel amazing! It’s all about making sounds with him and being in the studio, and having that experience,” she explains, before swiftly shifting the focus - “The song sort of transformed; it’s also a bit about the feeling of somebody making you feel like you can never quite be real and be yourself.”

Alongside the release Stone will premiere the tracks music video later today. Directed by Bonnie Moir, the visual centres around heart-wrenching plotline of love, loss and memories. Starring award winning Australian actor Damon Herriman, Stone gives her own award-worthy performance, with her character within the clip being Brough back to life time after time as her live interest can not move past the grief of losing her.

“What appealed to me most about this project, aside from the opportunity to work with the magnetic and talented Julia, was the chance to explore the emotional territory of relationships, love, loss and grief through the lens of the sci fi genre,” Moir said of the visual. “I leapt at the opportunity to work with Julia, Damon, producer Emily Cook and cinematographer Sam Chiplin. These creative pursuits are nothing without an amazing team.”

Stone has also announced two intimate performances to take place at Sydney’s The Factory Theatre on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November. The singer hopes to bring the community back together through music. “With the upcoming concert series, I wanted to take part in the healing of hearts in these troubling and uncertain times,” she explains. “Live music will always bring people together, celebrate our humanity and nurture our bond. Music heals as much as it excites, and I want to do all I can to re-establish our connection to one another. I’m beyond excited to play these shows in my hometown.” Tickets are on sale now.

Unreal is out now! Watch the music video once it premieres at 5:30pm, below.