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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Alone on the Moon is out now!

Image: Sure Studios.

Multi-disciplinary artist JOY. has unveiled her new single Alone on the Moon. The track is the latest taste of the singers newly announced sophomore EP, Portal, due out this April.

The introspective release explores feeling the distance between yourself and you partner, whilst also feeling a detachment from your own self. Vulnerable and intimate lyricism are laced throughout and brought to life by the singers tender vocal performance, playing out atop shimmering guitar lines and sombre piano melodies.

Alone on the Moon is a special song to me. It was just one of those songs that came about so naturally. It was written during a period where I felt quite isolated [Sydney lockdown] and introspective. I couldn’t get the phrase “alone on the moon” out of my head. I liked the way it metaphorically described such a distinct moment in time that is quite universal to everyone. The idea of feeling disconnected from what you know, and somewhat who you were. It represents the concept of feeling so far away while still being present, whether that is in a relationship or in daily life experiences." the singer details.

Portal is out April 29. Listen to Alone on the Moon below.


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