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Whatever You Say and Deceive Me are out now!

Image: Supplied.

Brisbane-based house producer and DJ, Jordan Burns has delivered two new singles over the past month, Whatever You Say and Deceive Me. To celebrate the release of both tracks, the musician has shared with MILKY five UK garage/club artists that have influenced his sound.

“I've always been known for the heavier house music style but have always loved and produced more melodic music. I personally only really listen to more melodic and emotional music and I have been wanting to create a world that feels true to me. I want people to feel something when they come to my shows. I want them to be dancing and having a good time, but also have moments where they are taken over by a nice chord change or a hypnotic drone”. Burns shares of Whatever You Say.

Having taken to the stage at festivals including Touch Bass, Rollin, The Grass Is Greener, Splendour In The Grass, Groovin The Moo, and Rabbits Eat Lettuce, the musician has signed a multi-single label & publishingdeal to Neon Records and 4thFloor Publishing/UMPG. He's earned over 16M streams for his viral hit, Weekend, which has cemented his place as a rising star in the Australian dance music scene.


I found 33 Below on TikTok and fell in love with his sound design and textures he uses in all of his songs. The production is always so unique and tidy. Love the vocal FX he uses on alot of his songs.


Pocket uses some really interesting sound choices and all his songs have their own world. Really clean production and structure. His TikToks are also super unique, he uses a visual and makes audio to what he thinks it would sound like. Haven’t seen anyone do that before


Duskus’s approach to ‘lofi UK house’ is really inspiring. Whenever I need inspiration I watch his twitch stream he did a few years ago and always pick up a new idea. Super talented and outside of the box when it comes to producing


I have been a big fan of tourist for many years now. Have had the pleasure of watching him live a few times and they’re always emotional shows. Will definitely be taking inspiration from his live shows when I start my own. I listen to his early EP’s all the time, he is another artist who has his own world in his music. All of his songs get you in the feels


ATRIPS sound design when it comes to chopped up and stuttering sounds is super interesting. I always find myself trying to replicate his sounds but I can never come close. Super dancey and club music, but emotional at the same time. Exactly the type of music Im currently trying to step into

Whatever You Say and Deceive Me are out now!


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