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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Nathan Jenkins

Glaswegian star Joesef has announced the release of his debut EP, Does It Make U Feel Good?, due out next month.

Following his debut EP, Play Me Something Nice, the singer has complied a new collection of songs that document the reconciliation and consequent break up of the relationship explored on Play Me Something Nice. The previously released singles I Wonder Why, Think That I Don’t Need Your Love and The Sun Is Up Forever will feature on Does It Make U Feel Good?. Joesef wrote, recorded and produced the EP himself.

Speaking about the new EP, Joesef explains “This EP draws a line under a relationship that I’ve written about in Play Me Something Nice, if that EP felt more hopeful, this is the end game. The bitterness, and the lies that stem from fading love, to the aftermath of dealing with loss and regret, and finally taking responsibility for my own actions. I don’t really give much away ever, so it will always make me feel uncomfortable sharing such personal aspects of my life, but maybe if it can help me work some shit out, it could help somebody else too.”

Does It Make U Feel Good? is out October 9. Watch the trailer for the EP below.


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