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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Image: Alex Flamsteed

Multimedia creative Jaguar Jonze, the moniker of Australian musician Deena Lynch, has unveiled her new song, Astronaut, accompanied by the latest visual in a five-part concept series that together forms the artists upcoming EP ANTIHERO.

The sombre electro ballad documents the singers battle with anxiety, likening it to being exported out of space. The atmospheric and spatial soundscape creates an other worldly feel, with Lynch's chilling ethereal and commanding vocals captivating listeners as the track builds to a crescendo, erupting with musical prowess. Speaking of the conceptual standpoint of the track, Lynch shares: “It is a human trait. It’s how we survive in the wild. We’re all wired as humans to be quite anxious. As females more so, because we’re more susceptible to danger.”

Each of the five music visuals for ANTIHERO are pieced together through bold-palette videos that transform into an antihero character “in a cyberpunk, anime, futuristic, graphic, almost sci-fi world,” says Lynch. “as ‘ASTRONAUT’ delves into my anxiety, I wanted the film to reflect that in a simple way that helped portray how my anxiety can sometimes manifest - a contradiction between feeling lost in vast spaces and trapped in claustrophobic spaces. I had a specific idea in mind, which meant that I had to undergo stunt training with professionals and learn how to maneuver in a wire harness. Most of the video had to be shot in a single take because of the stunts' nature in safety preparation, time consumption, and impact on the body. I'm still recovering from the bruises, but it was all worth it, and the team was amazing in pulling it all together. I'm proud of this one as it is 3 minutes of my rawest vulnerability, visually interpreted. I'm also finally ready to share it.”

Astronaut is out now! Watch the music video below. ANTIHERO is out April 16.


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