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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Shame On You is out now!

Image: Supplied

Naarm/Melbourne-based indie-rock artist Jacob Fitzgerald has dropped his new single, Shame On You. To celebrate the release, the musician has shared with MILKY what you'll find on his dream rider.

“Shame on You is a heartbreak song through and through, and is based around those few days following a breakup. It captures the regret; the things we’d wished we’d said and the desperation. It’s essentially saying, ‘I know that I agreed we’d go our separate ways, but I was speaking opposites; I don’t want this… what am I without you?’” Fitzgerald shares.


For me… this is crack. I think there’s something about the thinner chocolate shell and perfectly coated peanut that places this as the superior M&M. The ratio is second to none. The size of them is second to none. I also kinda dig that they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea because that means there’s more for me to stuff my face with HAHA!


I have a real thing about scent. Always have. Perhaps it’s because I inherited the big-ass “Fitzgerald nose” which allows me to process aromas better than people. So, it’s only fitting I need the smell of the room to match the vibe. I don’t even mind what it is, just as long as it can create a mood! Whether it’s freshly brewed coffee, incense or my favourite custom candle it’s definitely something I need to better myself for a show.


Simply to capture the stupid stuff we giggle about backstage. It’s such a pleasure to be playing music for your job and even more of a pleasure sharing it with your mates. The pre-show hangs are always a highlight of my day, so being able to capture and immortalize some of those moments is always super special!


I really had to think if I wanted this one on here… I decided I had to throw it in! You see, my Mum makes the BEST chicken pies the world has seen! I cannot stress it enough. They are my favourite thing and make a good day turn into the best one of your life. Having one of these pre-show would be the bee's knees and the ultimate mood lifter. If I’m being real, it would probably do more harm than good as I never have just one… Fun fact! My record in one sitting… 13. (Almost died).


This is actually something I’ve never used but DESPERATELY WANT! It’s a ceramic vocal inhaler from the UK that just looks so fricken good. I know a lot of touring musicians steam before a show, myself included, but this machine shits on my current one and is something I’m hunting for. I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it. Very nerdy need of mine at the moment!


This is purely for after the show. I don’t drink before going up for a sing-song… just not something I do. However, after the gig life becomes a movie baby, and tequila is my drink. It makes me dance and just feels so good going down the hatch! That’s the desert and reward for what would obviously be a kick-ass show

Shame On You is out now!


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