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  • Vasili Papathanasopoulos


Entering Heaven Alive is set to arrive this July!

Image: Supplied.

Acclaimed musician Jack White already had us looking forward to 2022 when the musician announced he would be releasing two albums this year. Now, White has treated us to a taste of the second record, Entering Heaven Alive, with the release of Love Is Selfish.

The acoustic-led track offers up a more mellow side from the musician, with shimmering guitar melodies flowing beneath White's distinctive vocals and a sparse drum shuffle laced throughout. Love Is Selfish contrasts the electrifying nature of the musicians previous single Taking Me Back, which is set to appear on the singers first record set for release this year, Fear Of The Dawn.

Love Is Selfish arrives alongside an official visual, directed by White himself. We meet the singer in a dimly lit bar, as he takes to the stage to perform the track in front of glistening blue streamers that perfectly compliments White's freshly blue-hued hair.

Both of White's impending albums are available for pre-order on vinyl and CD now, with Fear Of The Dawn up for grabs in five limited edition vinyl variants. The musician has teased vinyl variants for Entering Heaven Alive will be coming soon, and has also announced first dates of The Supply Chain Issues Tour, set to visit North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Watch the visual for Love Is Selfish below!


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