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Image: Supplied.

Australian singer-songwriter Ivy Adara has unveiled her new single, Want What I Can't Have. The release arrives alongside an official visual, in which the singer takes on the role of Eve.

Written alongside David Pramik, the song has slight notes of rock within a dark-pop soundscape, built upon minimalist production and modern sonics. Catchy and storytelling lyricism is laced throughout, whilst the singers captivating vocals bring ear worm melodies to life. Conceptually, the track subtly weaves in biblical references to the story of Adam and Eve, exploring themes of temptation and and its consequences.

“If you ever want something you can’t have, this song is for you,” the singer shares. “I fell for a guy who was in a relationship. The story of Adam and Eve seemed interesting to me as a thematic backdrop because it’s the origin story of temptation. I wrestled with temptation. I hated it, but I was scared and surprised how much I loved it. I was a victim to the double bind of knowing on the one hand I wanted something, but on the other, it wasn't good for me. Why do I always want what I can’t have?”

Having written for and alongside artists including Cirkcuit, Captain Cuts, Roget Chahayed, Oak, Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Daya and G-Eazy, earlier this month Jennifer Lopez released On My Way, written by Adara, Leroy Clampitt, and Michael Pollack. The track is set to appear in Lopez's forthcoming film Marry Me.

Want What I Can't Have is out now! Watch the visual below.

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